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“Systems Engineering Today and Tomorrow” : SESE Tour 2021


“Systems Engineering Today and Tomorrow” : SESE Tour 2021

The  SESE Tour 2021 has been held from the 18th to the 20th may, in a virtual mode (via Webex).

The five INCOSE Southern European chapters (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland) propose a global approach based on the theme “Systems Engineering, Today and Tomorrow”.

The purpose of the three-day tour is to promote Systems Engineering among industrial and academic practitioners and interested parties, and also to strengthen the links between the five chapters.

Theme : “Systems Engineering Today and Tomorrow“.

There has been an opening and EMEA driven plenary session and then each chapter have had a dedicated half day event to propose specific SE thematic areas through lectures, talks, presentations, demos etc

To know more about each country presentations, follow the link

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