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Last International Workshop 2023 : AFIS attendance to the INCOSE Event


Last International Workshop 2023 : AFIS attendance to the INCOSE…

The 2023 International Workshop (IW 2023) gathered 702 attendees (about 60% in person), in Torrance (Los Angeles) from the 28th au 31st January. 

AFIS involvment

There were 14 people from AFIS, and most of them involved within INCOSE entities:  

  • Olivier Dessoude, as Technical Director​ (Tech Ops Leadership)
  • Jean-Claude Roussel Appointments and Election Committee Co-chair for 2023 (and Chair for 2024)​,
  • ​Different WG AFIS Leadership AFIS Leadership with several  meetings :​
    • Jean-Luc Garnier (Architecture WG)​
    • Jean Duprez (KM & Ontologies WG)​
    • Jean-Claude Roussel (PM-SE Integration WG) ​
  •  Guillaume Terpant (DS)Technical Leadership Institute (Cohort 8).


Some program extracts :

Strategy Workshop

1 – INCOSE Operations & Sustainability Challenge
2 – An effective events portfolio in the hybrid world
3 – Services Value Stream Optimization
4 – The Digital Workforce Ecosystem


  • FuSE: Future of Systems Engineering 
  • STPA: System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes

Working Group Meetings :

  • PM-SE Integration
  • WG Integration
  • Architecture WG

Written presentation

To know more, read the synthesis, available on AFIS intranet with your email address (firstname.name@mon.afis.fr) :