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A.I and Autonomous Robotics in System of Systems


A.I and Autonomous Robotics in System of Systems

The 18th Annual System Of Systems Engineering Conference will be held from 14th to 16th june in Polytech Lille (France).

IEEE System, Man, and Cybernetics Society announces the Eigthteenth International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) with its vast ramifications in numerous engineering fields such as control, computing, communication, information technology and in applications such manufacturing, defense, national security, aerospace, aeronautics, energy, environment, healthcare, and transportation.

The conference theme is

“AI and Autonomous Robotics in System of Systems”.

Nowadays, autonomous robotic systems are increasingly used in complex environments such as: industry 4.0, military, medical, agriculture, space,…, not only by their monolithic configuration but also with its cooperative behavior. These engineering systems are generally heterogeneous and independent at both managerial and operational levels. They can coexist and cooperate in order to achieve objectives that one robotic system cannot achieve alone. They are geographically dispersed with only an information exchange, with a time or dimension evolutions.

Papers on theories, methodologies, and applications of System of Systems Engineering in science, technology, industry, and education are welcome.

  • IEEE Systems Journal
  • Journal of Enterprise Transformation
  • Journal of Smart Health and Smart Cities
  • CRC Taylor & Francis Books Series on SoSE, Mo Jamshidi, Editor

"THEFOSE" session

During this conference, a special session will be held called « THEFOSE » (Theoretical Foundations of System of Systems Engineering), co-facilitated by Omar Hammami and Thomas Rigaut, respectively AFIS Vice-Président and General Secretary.

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