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Vision 2030 from AFIS – France Chapter


Vision 2030 from AFIS – France Chapter

In June, AFIS released a first leaflet regarding a PESTEL[i] vision for 2030 and later. This leaflet is currently stored on the INCOSE Connect[ii], in French. This document will be translated in English before end of 2020.

AFIS works are ongoing to extend this vision with additional sections in order to describe SWOT[iii] of Business Domains and Systems Engineering with regards to necessary evolutions of products, services and systems to target the 2030+ needs.

Discipline opportunities and challenges are here analysed. Each has already anticipated concerns for which System Engineering can bring solution at the condition it prepares, adapts, extends itself.

Hence, the study paves the way of the AFIS strategy and ensures the coherency of its decisions towards its stakeholders, members and partners.

As the AFIS vision and the INCOSE FuSE[iv] are developed in parallel towards similar objectives, some joint discussions and presentations are foreseen to be held during the coming INCOSE events, in order to get consistency of the outcomes.

[i] Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environmental, Legal

[ii] See

[iii] Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

[iv] Future of Systems Engineering